May 19, 2024

Jean Elliott: That’s the Ticket

UMW Parking Services Manager Jean Elliott knows how hard it is to find an available space just about anywhere, whether it’s along crowded College Avenue or on the busy streets of her hometown, New York City. She’s the expert who scours campus for parking violations, and while the tickets she and her staff leave on windshields aren’t exactly love notes, Elliot has a big heart. She’s crazy about her dogs, her husband of 37 years and her two children, both Mary Washington grads.

UMW Parking Services Manager Jean Elliott

UMW Parking Services Manager Jean Elliott. Photo by Norm Shafer.

Q: What did you do before you came to Fredericksburg?

I worked in production management for 20-plus years at a cast iron foundry and an electromechanical cable manufacturing plant in Culpeper. When I saw an ad for the UMW parking manager position, I applied. It was my way of coming to UMW for myself instead of for the kids.

Q: What are some perks of working in parking management?

It’s diverse. We handle much more than just parking citations and reservations. Every day is different.

Q: What’s your typical workday like?

Expect the unexpected. We deal with students, faculty, staff and visitors so we get a range of reactions. Some days we work with departments to plan events and make sure signs direct people to where they need to go. Overall, we work hard to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Q: Ever had a day that made you want to pack up and go home?

Every day is different. It’s an opportunity to solve problems and help people.

Q: What’s the best thing about your job?

I love coming in every day … it’s a beautiful place to work. I’ve met so many interesting people on campus, and I feel good when I can help with their questions.

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