June 25, 2024

Lee Skallerup Bessette: Digital Discoveries

One tiny taste of the web-classroom connection – in a late ’90s desktop publishing course – and Lee Skallerup Bessette was hooked. Now, as an instructional technology specialist in the Department of Teaching and Learning Technologies, she shares the endless possibilities of online learning with the Mary Washington community.

In tonight’s segment of UMW’s Digital Liberal Arts Series, she’s tapped a panel of fellow faculty members to do the same thing. Called “Web Culture in the Disciplines,” the session features professors from across campus, explaining how they weave the digital arts into their own disciplines, and like Bessette, into their students’ minds.

Q: In all your digital savvy, do you have any challenges?

A: You should see the number of tabs I have open on my browser windows. I am digitally savvy, but I am not terribly digitally organized.

Q: What’s your one guilty pleasure in the digital world?

A: Candy Crush. Seriously. I’ve always loved these semi-mindless distractions.Q:  What one project you’ve worked on has made the greatest impact?

A: Being a part of DTLT and working on the Domain of One’s Own project is by far the most impactful thing I’ve done. I’m proud of my time blogging on Inside Higher Education. But I am most excited about the potential impact of the Advanced Digital Fluency report, given the new strategic plan and goals for UMW.

Q: Is there a “big idea” you’re hoping to launch?

A: Stay tuned…

Q: What was the biggest challenge of putting together tonight’s faculty panel?

A: Finding panelists! Everyone here is so busy, it’s a challenge to find six people who can all make it on the same day at the same time.

Q: How – in one word – do you hope tonight’s audience will feel when they leave the event?

A: Inspired.