June 7, 2023

SAC Newsletter

February SAC Meeting – The first SAC meeting of the new year will take place on Thursday February 15th at 1PM in Lee Hall 412.  Our Guest Speaker will be Dr. Eric Bonds, Associate Professor Sociology & Anthropology and Faculty Co-chair of the President’s Council on Sustainability (PCS).  Formed in 2009, the President’s Council on Sustainability (PCS) consists of faculty, staff and students and plays a critical role in shaping administrative goals and objectives relating to university sustainability.  Dr. Bonds will give an overview of the council and touch upon some of its prior accomplishments as well as its goals for the future.  You do NOT have to be a member of SAC to attend monthly meetings.

Excellent Eagle Employee Program: Nominate your co-workers, supervisor or employees for the Excellent Eagle Employee award. It’s easy! Just complete the Excellent Eagle Employee nomination form on our website. Take some time to nominate someone today! Winners get reserved parking on campus for the month.

#1 F.A.N. (Fantastic Action Noticed) In addition to the Excellent Eagle program, you can also recognize a colleague using HR’s #1 F.A.N. program. Did you experience exceptional customer service or awesome collaboration? If so, nominate the person or people involved in that experience. Complete the #1 F.A.N. form on the HR website, and your colleague will be able to choose a UMW spirit item as a token of appreciation.

On-Site 457 Deferred Compensation, Hybrid and DCP (ORPHE) – A specialist will be on campus several days in 2018 to provide one-on-one consultations to help employees gain awareness of benefits of the defined contribution plans.  For more information and to register, go to https://eagleeye.umw.edu/2018/01/22/on-site-457-deferred-comp-hybrid-and-dcp-orphe/

Health & Wellness Fair set for March 29th – Dining Services has many local vendors signed up to attend the Health & Wellness fair on Thursday March 29th. HR has also invited our health/dental insurance companies, retirement vendors, Myactivehealth, CommonHealth and local banks.  This is open to all students and staff.  Look for more details in the near future!