June 4, 2023

UMW Seeking Wellness Champions

This past year, the President’s Council on Wellness worked to identify ways to improve student and employee well-being.  We know well-being is closely linked to happiness and job satisfaction. Specifically, employees with high levels of physical and emotional well-being are shown to be more productive and positive while experiencing lower stress levels and fewer missed days of work.

Beginning Fall 2018, The President’s Council on Wellness will launch the UMW Wellness Champion program. Currently, we are looking for one employee per area to serve as a Wellness Champion.

This person’s role will be:

  • Communication of wellness related information within their areas
  • Providing feedback to President’s Council on Wellness


  • 2 Wellness Champion meetings per semester
  • Two representatives from this group will attend the monthly council meeting

Top Wellness Champion candidates are:

  • Passionate – Employees who aspire to be champions and have enthusiasm for enhancing the culture of health at their workplace.
  • Social skills – Employees who naturally make connections with and show compassion for their co-workers. Champions should be easy to approach, have strong communication and leadership skills, and be looked up to by their co-workers.
  • Role model qualities – Employees who express a personal interest in healthy lifestyles, regardless of their current health status, can be excellent advocates for healthy behavior change.

Are you interested or know someone who would be great?

Please fill out this quick 3 question form:  https://goo.gl/forms/esU6mgv6CS156vSh2