June 17, 2024

Academic and Administrative Fire Drills Begin Monday

The Fire Safety office plans to conduct fire drills in administrative and academic buildings beginning the week of October 5th.

The schedule is listed below, showing buildings, and which week they are tentatively scheduled. The exact date and time will not be posted.

Please review the UMW Administrative and Academic Building Fire Drill Guidelines so everyone is aware of their roles and responsibilities.

The drills are in accordance with fire safety guidelines.

For questions, please contact Campus Fire Safety Officer Mike Muckinhaupt at mmuckinh@umw.edu or 654-2108.

Week of Oct 1 – Oct 5: Brent, Fairfax, Tyler, Hamlet, Alumni Center, Tennis Center, and Ridderhoff/Martin

Week of Oct 8 – Oct 12: Stafford N/S, Belmont, Jepson Science, Anderson/Goolrick/Fitness Center, HCC/Simpson

Week of Oct 15 – Oct 19: Pollard/Melchers/Dupont, Woodard, Lee, Trinkle, JMLO

Please note that not all buildings are scheduled during the Fall Semester. Buildings not listed will have their fire drills conducted during the Spring Semester.