May 25, 2024

We want to create an ExpertFile profile for you!

Have you recently seen your area of research covered in the media, or should it be? Do you feel your insight on newsworthy topics could add to the regional, national or global conversation? Are you willing to serve as a resource for journalists, researchers and government agencies writing about your area of expertise?

If so, UMW’s Media and Public Relations team wants to create an ExpertFile profile for you. The process is easy; to get started, we just need your bio, CV, photo and any links to recent research available on the web. The rest of the work is on us and ExpertFile, but you’ll get to review your profile in private mode and make edits before it goes public.

Once your profile goes live, you may be contacted by members of the media and other entities looking for your expertise. For those who cover topics regularly in the news, such as climate change, psychological trauma, politics and academic integrity, that might be often. For others, it might be more occasionally, when your area of expertise winds up in the news cycle.

It’s always up to you to accept or decline interview requests, but making some time for press coverage will ultimately help us get the word out about UMW and your research.

If you have questions or want us to start building your own ExpertFile profile, please contact UMW Media Relations Manager Jill Laiacona at

If you already have an ExpertFile profile, please look out in your email for our 10-minute Content Refresh Survey, which will allow you to make you to make updates to your profile.