March 3, 2024

President Paino Announces Climate Action Task Force

To all students, faculty, and staff,

I write today to announce that over the last three months, a presidentially appointed Climate Action Task Force has begun work to produce an actionable plan aimed at significantly reducing UMW’s carbon footprint.  Their full charge is attached.

Co-chaired by Sustainability Coordinator Sean Morrow and Professor of Biological Sciences Dr. Alan Griffith, the task force includes representatives from the UFC and USC, as well as a number of other units at the University.  The plan will identify specific actions and policies, provide measurable objectives, and include timeframes for implementation.

This work is incredibly important, both for ourselves and for future generations.  The grave threats posed by global climate change must be recognized and addressed by individuals and institutions alike. Knowing that success in this area requires the cooperation and commitment of all of us, I’ve asked the task force to reach out and work with students, faculty, and staff across the University as they develop this Climate Action Plan to be delivered to me by July of next year. And so, I also ask each of you to be responsive when the task force reaches out and supportive of their work.

Thanks to Sean and Alan and the other members of the committee for their work now and in the months to come.