September 30, 2023

Learning Management System Review

Our current version of Blackboard is due to be upgraded or replaced for the 2011-2012 academic year.

It is time to choose the next learning management system (LMS) to be used at UMW. To this end, the Provost and CIO have formed an LMS Review Committee to identify the learning management systems that best fulfill the unique requirements of the students and faculty at Mary Washington. The committee will be asking for your input all along the way.

The LMS adoption path begins by writing an RFP (request for proposals) in which bids are solicited from LMS vendors. The committee is in the process of writing that RFP and is requesting your input now.  Do you have ideas for an ideal LMS to be adopted for fall 2011? If so, please visit the LMS Adoption website at There you will see an outline of the RFP draft document and a contact form to leave suggestions for the committee.

Also at the LMS Adoption website you will find a timeline for the entire process. During fall 2010, the committee will identify four potential LMS candidates to invite to campus for live demonstrations for faculty, staff, and students. These demonstrations will take place in late January 2011. After the demos, you will have opportunity to voice your opinion about which demonstrated LMS best meets your needs.  A recommended LMS will be chosen by February 21, 2011.

During the spring and summer of 2011 you will be able to learn about the new LMS and receive assistance in migrating your existing Blackboard course(s) to the new system. Installation and integration testing will occur in mid-spring 2001. By summer 2011 the system will be operational and a few courses will be piloted in the new system during summer. All courses will be offered in the new system fall 2011.

There is much to do between now and fall 2011. During this time, the LMS Review Committee will be communicating with you via their website. The committee needs your input to make an informed decision. Between now and September 24th, the committee is asking you to offer any suggestions about learning management system requirements so that they can fully convey your needs in the RFP document. Please consider visiting the LMS Adoption website at before September 24 and submitting comments there.

In addition to the website you are  encouraged to talk with any members of the LMS Review Committee:

Teresa Coffman
Associate Professor of Education, College of Education
Stafford Campus, North B247

Bob Gartland
System Administrator, Enterprise Application Infrastructure
Stafford Campus, South 210E

Christie Glancy
Reference Librarian, Simpson Library
Simpson Library, 102

Steve Greenlaw
Professor of Economics; Director, Teaching Center, College of Arts and Sciences
1004 College Avenue

Lynn Hamilton
Technology Academy Director, Division of Prof. Dev. & Regional Engagement
Stafford Campus, South 144

Cheryl Hawkinson-Melkun
Assistant Professor, Communications; Director Stafford Writing Center, College of Business
Stafford Campus, North B214

Helen Housley
Associate Professor, Theater and Dance, College of Arts and Sciences
duPont Hall, 330

Pam Lowery
Director, User Services
George Washington Hall, B0025

Diane Madden
Student, M.Ed. Program

Carol Martin
Senior Project Specialist
Centre Court

George Meadows
Associate Professor, College of Education
Trinkle Hall, 215

Jerry Slezak, Co-Chair LMS Review Committee
Director, Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies
duPont Hall, Room 310

John St.Clair, Co-Chair LMS Review Committee
Director, Distance and Blended Learning
Stafford Campus, North B256

Justin Webb
Executive Director, Enterprise Application Systems
Stafford Campus, South 210

Xiaofeng Zhao
Assistant Professor, College of Business
Chandler Hall, 310

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