June 22, 2024

Eagle Pride on College Avenue

UMW will install eagle logos on the pavement on College Avenue adjacent to the Fredericksburg campus, beginning as early as this weekend. A total of twelve logos will be installed.

“Eagle pride is spreading throughout the campus,” said Vice President Rick Pearce. “The eagle logos on College Avenue will make a statement that can be enjoyed by our students and the community as well as the many visitors and prospective students who come to Fredericksburg.”

The City of Fredericksburg has approved the installation of the logos after an extensive review of the design, including size and color, as well as the specific locations.

“We understand that the logos need to be visible to motorists traveling on College Avenue, and we’ve worked with UMW staff to ensure that they will be installed only in locations where motorists will not be likely to confuse them with regulatory markings,” said Fredericksburg Public Works Director Doug Fawcett.

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  1. Is there really a perceived need for this? Seems kinda jingoistic. Eagle pride, Eagle pride!!! To what end? Are we going to go the way of the Hokie?

  2. Jim, I feel similarly ambivalent about this kind of thing. I know that UVA has the Cavalier “V” on University Drive, and NYU always had the purple footprints on the sidewalks, and so much purple all over that it felt like the OWNED the entire East Village. So, it’s not without precedent, but it’s not something I truly understand. I went to a very untraditional professional institution so have no frame of reference for this kind of thing. I’d like to hear other faculty and staff responses to this.

  3. Just a point of clarification. The idea and subsequent request for the logos came from our students through the SGA.