June 6, 2023

Students Present at Summer Institute

Twenty-three students in UMW’s Summer Science Institute presented their work at an all-day symposium Wednesday, July 21 at the Jepson Science Center. Oral presentations and posters were presented from six disciplines:  biology, chemistry, environmental science, physics, mathematics and computer science. Topics ranged from the mathematical analysis of option pricing and iPhone game development for elementary school students to the study of environmental impacts of trace metal accumulation and gene expression. Students also gave poster presentations with such topics as the study of acousto-optical modulation, cloning of a human gene promoter, novel chemical reactions and analysis of the environmental evolution of two lakes in Virginia.

The summer institute, co-directed by Chemistry Professor Raymond Scott and Mathematics Professor Deborah Hydorn, is a 10-week program which allows both students and faculty to devote themselves to full time to their research efforts.  Results are frequently shared at professional meetings across the country.

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