February 27, 2024

Native American Cultural Keynote Performer: Bill Miller

Monday, Nov. 14

7 p.m., Great Hall, Woodard Campus Center

For years, Bill Miller’s music has moved audiences around the world. An icon of the Native American music community, Miller has won three Grammys in the last four years. Through music and discussion, Miller illustrates the relationship between majority and minority cultures. Instead of teaching tolerance and assimilation, he promotes a redemptive culture of understanding and peace.





About Brynn Boyer

Brynn Boyer is assistant director of media and public relations and a 2010 graduate of UMW.


  1. Osiyo, Hello,
    A group of people dressed in Native American Regalia from different Nations that call themselves “The Wind Clan”. Wish to extend much gratitude and admiration for this event, to the University of Mary Washington.
    Everyone enjoyed this event with much enthusiasm and joy that was brought with them. There were people of different Native American Nations there to share in such a wonderful, emotional, and fun experience.
    Bill Birdsong Miller had touched many of our lives through his music over the years that we all appreciate in the heart that it was written and done. It was something for each person to think on and experience in their own way. From the words that were spoken from the heart, as well the music that was played and felt by all in the Hall. We all were left on such an uplifting note when Bill Birdsong Miller jammed to a Johnny Cash Song on guitar. All that were there in the Hall gave Bill Birdsong Miller a Standing Ovation that was more than well deserved.
    There was a Meet and Greet time afterwards that was shared by all. There was a feeling of Joy and of Family in the air as people asked and wished to learn more from that night. Everyone shared in the experience from Bill Birdsong Miller to all that were in Regalia speaking for their own Nation.
    There were many pictures taken from that evening that we all hope bring joy and thought as the years go by. We know this was the first event done for Native American History at the University. We wish that they continue over the years to bring the Public and Community together in such a rich and valuable culture.
    The Wind Clan is still speaking about this event with much joy and love in their hearts. We all appreciate every person that was there from Sound, to Managing the event, to Introducing Bill Birdsong Miller. Also to all that were part in this event that I had not spoken of.
    Wado Equa, Thanks Very Much