June 5, 2023

John Broome to Present Research to Commonwealth’s History Education Consortium

John P. Broome, assistant professor in curriculum & instruction and director of undergraduate secondary and preK-12 education programs in the College of Education, will present his study on the state of Virginia history and social sciences instruction to the Virginia Consortium of Social Studies Specialists and College Educators (VCSSSCE) in Richmond, Va., on March 16, 2012. This organization comprises stakeholders in Virginia history and social sciences education, including social studies specialists, college educators, museum professionals, social studies education non-profit professionals and representatives from the Virginia Department of Education.

Dr. Broome serves on a national research team studying the state of social studies education in the United States. The first study of its kind, this 50-state survey-based research sampled K-12 social studies educators in America. The team’s study focuses on the impact of high-stakes standards, use of instructional time, methods of instruction and assessment and application of technology in U.S. K-12 social studies classrooms.

This summer, Dr. Broome will continue his exploratory mixed-method study by conducting focus groups with K-12 Virginia social studies educators. Dr. Broome’s research is being used to inform school-, district- and state-level policy and instructional decisions in the Commonwealth  of Virginia.

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Brynn Boyer is assistant director of media and public relations and a 2010 graduate of UMW.


  1. Lisa L. Heuvel, Ed.D. says

    Prof. Broome,

    I post on history education in VA through blog, FB and Twitter (VaHistoryOnline/Virginia HistoryOnline), and would like to post your findings via link to followers in the history/museum/ed communities.

    Will you contact me when your results are in a published form?

    Lisa Heuvel, Ed.D.