June 19, 2024

Meet the Candidates for Athletics Director

The following message is from the Office of Student Affairs: Candidates for the position of Director of Intercollegiate Athletics (AD) will be on campus this week, April 18-19, and next week, April 25-26. There will be a wide cross-section of interviews conducted to represent multiple constituencies. We welcome your interest and invite you to come by and meet the candidates during lunch at the Faculty/Staff Dining Room in Seacobeck Hall at the times listed below. (The first part of the lunch period will be held for the candidate to eat lunch.)

April 18 – 12:45-1:15 ……. JOHN RATLIFF (Keene State College)

 April 19 – 12:45-1:15………KEN TYLER (West Virginia Wesleyan College)

 April 25 – 12:45-1:15 ……..JEFF WARD (Bowdoin College)

 April 26 – 12:30-1 …….……TOM SHERIDAN (UMW)