June 8, 2023

Eric Bonds Publishes Research Article

Eric Bonds

Eric Bonds, assistant professor of sociology and anthropology, recently published an article, entitled “Indirect Violence and Legitimation: Torture, Surrogacy, and the U.S. War on Terror” in the journal Societies Without Borders: Human Rights and the Social Sciences.  The article uses data from the Wikileaks “Iraq War Logs” to document the extent of torture practiced by the Iraqi state during the years of the U.S. occupation.  In the article, Bonds argues that the U.S. shares responsibility for this torture, despite official efforts to create distance from this violence and deflect blame.  The article can be downloaded at: http://societieswithoutborders.com/.

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Brynn Boyer is assistant director of media and public relations and a 2010 graduate of UMW.