May 27, 2023

Weight Watchers @ Work Session Begins 10/17

Wanna lose a few pounds and gain a new perspective? Come to Weight Watchers at Work.

We are starting a new session next week (Oct. 17), and we need YOU! This is a perfect time to jump in. It is confidential and non-threatening. You will find a collegial, friendly, funny and supportive group of people – and I guarantee it will change your outlook (not to mention your looks!).

I have been a part of Weight Watchers at Work since its inception several years ago. It has become such a part of my life, I can’t imagine not having it. However, if we don’t get 20 sign-ups by next week, Weight Watchers will discontinue our At Work program. That would be devastating to many of us, who have started looking forward to our Wednesday noon sessions. No – we do not always eagerly anticipate the standing-on-the-scales part. We yearn for the camaraderie. Through WW at Work, I have gotten to know colleagues that I never would have had the pleasure of meeting. On this weight loss journey, we have shared victories and disappointments, as well as tons of lessons and tips and laughs. When I return to the office, I feel comfortable going to these folks with questions or concerns about University business.

And the bonus is that I have kept my weight in check! It’s a no-brainer. We get a discounted rate plus access to eTools, which enhances and simplifies the whole program. Plus, because the University’s winter break falls during the next session, we get additional weeks for free. And the best news of all is that full-time employees are reimbursed for half the cost of the program.

The holidays are approaching and so are those added pounds – SEVEN on average! Come join us so that we will begin enjoying your company while seeing less of you!

If you’re interested, contact Pam Taggert at x1018 or

— Anna B. Billingsley

About Brynn Boyer

Brynn Boyer is assistant director of media and public relations and a 2010 graduate of UMW.