June 1, 2023

Summer 2013 Orientation

Faculty and Staff Colleagues, 

The following is information regarding UMW’s new approach to new student orientation.  As this process impacts the entire campus community we are providing this brief overview to outline the Purpose, Dates, Opportunity for Feedback, and Schedule.   A presidentially appointed, cross-institutional planning team has been working diligently to construct the proposed summer schedule.  Members include:  Doug Searcy (chair), Fred Pierce (co-chair), Chris Porter, Susan Knick, Nicci Surething, Joe Mollo, Marion Sanford, Megan Higginbotham, Marissa Miller, Erma Baker, and Lynne Richardson.  Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration of this project and its impact on our students and community. 

We anticipate a strong program as we engage our new students and welcome them to the University community.  Thank you in advance for your participation and feedback as the model continues to develop.


Doug Searcy 

Doug Searcy, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Affairs
University of Mary Washington

Summer 2013 Orientation PURPOSE:  The purpose of the new orientation program is essentially threefold including: 

To make earlier, stronger connections with the student (and families).  This will aid in the students’ (and families’) understanding of the UMW community, engage our efforts to provide challenge and support, and limit the significant information overload and angst that comes at fall orientation.

To support students (and families) by providing an earlier opportunity to ask questions and receive information (in person).  The orientation process will provide academic registration and advising, personal financial information and business services, as well as details about residential services and campus life. 

To aid in University Admissions efforts. Building a strong connection with the student and providing clear communication positively impacts retention rates and higher yield.

Summer 2013 Orientation DATES – Sessions are two days long and begin early on day one and last through mid-day on the second day.  Sessions will overlap.  Coordination of resources and schedules makes this overlapping process more convenient and beneficial to the University while providing high-level service to families. (Please note the dates listing.) 

Session #1  June 17-18

Session #2  June 18-19

Session #3  June 19-20

Session #4  June 24-25

Session #5  June 25-26

Session #6  June 26-27             

Session #7  August 22 (one day) 

Transfer Session #1  June 21 (one day)

Transfer Session #2  June 28 (one day)

Summer 2013 Orientation OPPORTUNITY FOR FEEDBACK 

While we feel good about the recommended model, we need additional support and input to ensure that multiple perspectives are considered.  A widely reviewed plan will make a better program.  We value your input and support.  

With that being said, there are two ways to offer feedback to assist in our planning. 

 #1  We will have a campus-wide, open meeting on Tuesday, October 23, at 1:00 p.m. in Dodd Auditorium to review the plan and receive feedback.  We welcome your participation in this planning session.    

#2  You can simply call us…. Megan Higginbotham (Assistant Director of Student Activities and Engagement) has been asked to receive and share faculty and staff feedback about the program.  Megan will receive your call or e-mail (1444 or mhiggin3@umw.edu) and share all perspectives with the committee for review.  Thank you in advance for helping us make the program the best it can be for our incoming students.

Summer 2013 Orientation SCHEDULE  

As orientation impacts the entire campus community, it is likely that we all will be involved at some level (some more than others).  The attached schedule is the current draft of the two-day orientation program.  Once confirmed, the role of individual offices and staff can be fully defined.  We aim to have this clarity by mid-November. 

Thank you.