September 30, 2023

Message from the Division of Administration and Finance

The following message is from the Division of Administration and Finance:

Early in the week of November 18, a set of University keys, as well as a number of other personal items, were stolen from an employee’s vehicle while off campus. Included were several master keys, which would allow access to many of the buildings on campus. Since this theft occurred in an adjoining county, and the preliminary investigation by the Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office indicated juvenile misconduct with no additional criminal intent, we did not believe an imminent danger was posed to the campus community.  However, taking precaution as soon as the theft was reported, additional security personnel were brought onto campus, and they remain in place.  At the same time, plans were made to begin rekeying all exterior doors on campus as soon as possible. The primary vendor for this project has been on site since Tuesday and plans to complete the rekeying by Friday. We will notify impacted occupants of buildings as access protocols change over the next several days.

This recent incident has accelerated the timing of the rekeying project, which had been planned for next year.  While the cost of the project is unknown at this time, the University has reserve funds that are set aside for such emergencies. This undertaking will not impact student tuition, fees, or room charges.

The installation of an electronic key administration system will significantly reduce the need for carrying keys and will track individual keys that are removed from the system. 

I appreciate your patience as we perform the work.

Thank you,

Richard R. Pearce

Vice President for Administration and Finance and CFO