May 31, 2023

James Goehring Publishes Book

Goehring, Jim07Professor of Classics, Philosophy and Religion James E. Goehring’s book “Politics, Monasticism, and Miracles in Sixth Century Upper Egypt: A Critical Edition and Translation of the Coptic Texts on Abraham of Farshut” has been published.

This volume contains a critical edition and translation of the Coptic texts on Abraham of Farshut, the last Coptic orthodox archimandrite of the Pachomian federation in Upper Egypt. While past studies have focused on the origins and early years of this, the first communal monastic movement, Goehring turns to its final days and ultimate demise in the sixth century reign of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I. He examines the literary nature of the texts, their role in the making of a saint, and the historical events that they reveal. Miracle stories and tendentious accounts give way to the reconstruction of internal debates over the decrees of the Council of Chalcedon, political intrigue, and the eventual reordering of the communal monastic movement in Upper Egypt.

2012. XIV, 160 Seiten (Studien und Texte zu Antike und Christentum 69). ISBN 978-3-16-152214-7 fadengeheftete Broschur € 49,– eBook erscheint im Dezember

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