October 2, 2023

A Message from the Rector

Dear UMW Faculty and Staff, 

The Board of Visitors will be holding its regular meeting later this week.  At noon on Friday, February 15, Board members will be having lunch in the Faculty-Staff Dining Room at Seacobeck Hall. 

During our last meeting in November, Board members enjoyed the opportunity to meet and interact with UMW faculty and staff at lunch.  Once again, during the February meeting, the Board members will distribute ourselves at tables throughout the dining room so that we may be as accessible as possible.  To assist you in identifying us, we will be wearing our Board of Visitors name badges and there will be identifying placards at the tables. 

If you plan to have lunch in Seacobeck on Friday, we look forward to sharing a meal and conversation with you.  Thank you for your many efforts to make Mary Washington an outstanding university. 

Best regards, 

Pamela J. White ‘74