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3rd Annual EdTech Conference

Thank you to the College of Education faculty and staff, UMW employees and administrators, and the Conference committee, including K12 school officials, for another successful EdTech conference held Friday, March 15, 2013 at the University of Mary Washington. A special thanks goes to Tember Smith and Terry Luttrell for their continued efforts and special talents of organization to ensure our success.

Two Generations

Two generations of teachers
join the EdTech Conference

To begin the day, the Dean of the College of Education, Dr. Mary Gendernalik-Cooper welcomed over 150 K12 teachers, principals, superintendents, technology directors, parents, and university professors and students from UMW and around Virginia to the 3rd annual EdTech Conference on the Stafford Campus.

Our distinguished speakers presented the latest in cutting edge learning technologies and good teaching methods.

Jean Weller, Instructional Technologist for the VDOE Office of Educational Technology

Jean Weller, Instructional Technologist for the VDOE Office of Educational Technology


The keynote speaker, Jean Weller, instructional technologist for the Virginia Department of Education Office of Educational Technology introduced the attendees to quality resources  supported by the VDOE which can be easily found on their Web site as well as the many technology initiatives supported by the Virginia Department of Education that all Virginia teachers should be aware of.

Following the keynote speaker, the Conference shifted into seven back-to-back concurrent sessions that included K12 teachers, graduate students, instructional resource teachers, and the Director of Academic Technologies for Stafford schools.

The concurrent sessions highlighted best practices, both in instruction and across the school itself.

Dr. George Meadows and Tim Owen 3D Printing at UMW

Dr. George Meadows and Tim Owens
3D Printing at UMW

Dr. George Meadows and Tim Owens brought the group back together to provide the attendees with a taste of 3D printing at UMW and how these interactive tools are being used to teach students creative and design thinking.

In our final session, Tracey Lewis provided attendees with a look at social media throughout our society and discussed implications of use in K12. Her workshop centered on schools taking responsibility to help students learn proper and safe use of social media tools while providing them to students in an instructional manner.
To wrap up the day, a raffle sharing both electronic gifts and University items such as College of Education mugs,  t-shirts, and the prized 3D vase helped place a warm smile on everyone’s face as they were leaving the building.

Another successful year and we hope to see everyone again next year!

Tracey Lewis

Tracey Lewis
Social Media and our Kids


Teresa Coffman and Tamie Pratt-Fartro

EdTech Conference Coordinators

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