June 22, 2024

Relief for Victims and Families of the OK Tornados

The following has been sent on behalf of the Human Resources Department and CVC:  

The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign has a process for employees wanting to donate to a fund to aid victims and their families of the devastating storms that wiped out entire neighborhoods in the Moore and South Oklahoma City neighborhoods.

Any and all donations made by check or money order through CVC to help the people who suffered losses in the recent tornados in Moore and South Oklahoma City will go directly to those people.

After a discussion with the Oklahoma state charitable workplace campaign (SCC) staff, we have a process by which employees of the Commonwealth of Virginia can donate to a fund to assist victims of the tornados.  Many of the victims are also state employees within Oklahoma government offices.  Some of you asked how we might serve these brave people most directly.  By making out a check or money order to “CVC-OK Relief” we will process a check through the CVC account to go directly to their human resources offices to be disbursed quickly to state employees in need.

To apply your gift to your agency’s 2013 CVC totals, please use the attached form. Save one copy for your records and send the form to:

CVC/DHRM (Oklahoma)
101 N. 14th Street – 12th Floor
Richmond, VA  23219

If you want to donate via a credit card, you may go online to either redcross.org or salvationarmyusa.org and complete your donation at that site.

Please send questions to CVCStaff@dhrm.virginia.gov