October 1, 2023

Orientation Parking Update

Hello UMW Community:

Orientation 2013 is well under way and off to a good start!  Early feedback from our new families has been great.

You will recall in a message issued on 6/12/2013, the campus community received news of parking restrictions and options in support of the orientation program.  After monitoring traffic patterns and daily schedules, we are able to make a few changes that afford our community members a little greater parking flexibility.


Faculty/Staff parking lots in and around GW Hall will be available for UMW community parking today, Thurs. June 20 (only), closed again on Friday, and will re-open for regular use beginning Thurs., June 27. 

The Jefferson-Framar Lot that is accessible from College Avenue is now open to all faculty/staff (with several designated spaces reserved).

Original message issued on 6/12: 

UMW Campus Community Parking Notice:

In support of UMW New and Transfer Student Orientation, the following parking lot reservations shall apply: 

Orientation Guest Parking Only

Weeks of 6/17 – 6/21/13 and 6/24 – 6/27/13

George Washington Hall (GW) lot

Inbound/Outbound Double Drive

Jefferson Square

Jefferson Framar

Marshall/Russell lots


Weeks of 6/18 – 6/21/13 and 6/24 – 6/27/13

Anderson Center

Orientation Guest Parking Only

6/14 and 6/21 (only) Transfer Student Orientation Days

George Washington Hall (GW) lot

Inbound Outbound Double Drive

If you are displaced from the lots listed above during Orientation, UMW FAC/STAFF and Students, with appropriate decals, may park in any available spaces outside the reserved areas during this time, including:

William Street Lot

College Avenue

Jepson Lot

Simpson Lot

Thornton Street Lot

Pizza Hut Lot (in designated spaces)

Alvey Deck

Alvey Lot

Sunken Road Lots

Both Monroe Lots

Both Lee Hall Lots

Please contact the Parking Management Office, extension 1129, with any questions.

Erma A. Baker, Assistant Vice President for Business Services and CPO