February 25, 2024

Reminder from the UMW Support Task Force

The following message is from the UMW Support Task Force:

The Support Task Force is now in the process of ‘testing’ its Function List. Go to http://taskforce.umw.edu/functions-list-july-1-draft/ to find the draft Functions List, an explanation of how it was derived, and some instructions on what we’d like the UMW community to do. We will be asking cabinet level personnel and ‘responsible parties’ – those who we think should be completing a template on each function – to look over the list and provide feedback.

There will be a question and comment period until July 31, 2013, followed by our changes, then a second ONE WEEK comment period. We hope to have the function list finalized by August 15.

We are finalizing a draft template, but will do some tests before it is made public, to make sure that we are getting the responses we are looking for. We will be conducting training for those who will complete templates, hopefully in August. Our current goal is to have most templates completed by the end of September. Templates will be visible to all members of the UMW community through the website (http://taskforce.umw.edu/).

Jackie Gallagher and Andy Rush
Co-chairs of the Support Task Force