June 1, 2023

Information from Support Task Force – Functions List: August 8 Draft

The following message is from the UMW Support Task Force

The Support Task Force has tried to incorporate spelling corrections, explanations, consolidations, expansions and new information provided by the UMW community in response to the July 1 Functions List – and has generated a new Functions List.

Please go to (http://taskforce.umw.edu/functions-list-august-8-draft/) to find the August 8 Draft Functions List. Again, we would like your feedback on the accuracy and completeness of this list. We will accept comments & questions on the web site until Sunday, August 18. Thereafter, we hope to complete the list of functions.

We are in the middle of testing our template and hope to start general training on the template in late August/early September. We are posting updates at http://taskforce.umw.edu/.

Jackie Gallagher and Andy Rush
Co-chairs of the Support Task Force