June 4, 2023

University Faculty Council to Meet Sept 16

The UMW University Faculty Council will hold its first regular meeting of the 2013-14 academic year next Monday, September 16 at 3:30 pm in Lee Hall, Room 412.  Highlights of the agenda include:

  • Discussion of last June’s Summer Orientation for new students (with Doug Searcy, Meg Higgenbotham and Keith Mellinger);
  • Review of the existing Faculty Handbook language regarding any Discontinuance of a Program that may occur as a result of the Strategic Resource Allocation (“Restructuring Initiative”);
  • Review of  the upcoming October 11 forum to discuss the recent faculty governance survey (with Jim Lollar, President of the Faculty Senate of Virginia);
  • Discussion of the need to create a QEP Advisory Committee; and
  • Endorsement of a motion by the Speaking Intensive Committee to recommend SI designation for three courses:
  • HIST 471E5: American Sports History
  • PSCI 471: Special Topics: Indian Foreign Policy
  • RELG 304: Significant Books in American Religious History