May 26, 2024

Request for Leave Donations

Dear Colleagues

Two university employees have requested leave share due to a documented personal illness or that of a family member.* Your consideration is appreciated.  Classified employees may donate only annual leave in eight (8) hour increments(ex., 8,16,32… hours).  A/P faculty may donate annual and sick leave in increments of days  ( 1,2,3 …days).

To Donate Leave:

Please fill out the attached form to authorize the Payroll Office  to withdraw leave from your leave balance(s).  In the interest of privacy, names of recipients are not shared.  Leave is given to recipient(s) on an as need basis per pay period in leave without pay status (LWOP). However, if you are aware of and wish to designate a particular recipient, you may do so on this form. Leave Share Donor Form 092013

Donors will be notified if all or a portion of their donated leave is not needed.

If you have any questions about the leave share program, please contact Denise Frye at

Thank you

*Per DHRM policy 4.35  an employee may request donated annual leave as described in this policy if the employee experiences leave without pay due to a family member’s illness or injury for which the employee is using Family and Medical Leave.

Denise M. Frye

Benefits administrator

University Of Mary Washington

Phone:  540-654-1210

Fax:  540-654-1078