June 18, 2024

Reminder of Funding Opportunity: President’s Technology Council Innovation Grants

To: All UMW Faculty, Students, and Staff
From: The UMW President’s Technology Advisory Council

The President’s Technology Advisory Council (PTAC)* invites students, faculty, and staff from the UMW Community to apply for a PTAC Innovation Fund Grant.  These grants, which can range from $500 to $25,000, are intended to help jumpstart innovative uses of technology in learning, teaching, and exploration at UMW. One of the charges of the President’s Technology Advisory Council is to foster new and interesting uses of technology and we hope these funds will enable pilot projects, incubate new ideas, and serve as seed money for projects across the University Community.  You can find inspiration in some sample grant ideas located here.
Applications are due by Friday, January 17, 2014. 

To apply for PTAC Innovation Funds, fill out the application at http://president.umw.edu/ptac/grant/application/.  The application must include a 250-word (max) proposal, budget, and description of the finished product (presentation, website, tool, video, syllabus/assignment, project, etc.).  Since we have a total budget of $25,000, we’ll also ask if it would still be possible to do the project if it was funded at a partial level.

PTAC will evaluate the proposals based on the following criteria: innovative uses of technology in teaching, learning, and/or exploration; how many people will benefit; quality of proposed product, output, or presentation; viability and cost of proposal.


— Materials purchased belong to UMW and must be returned to IT upon completion of the project.

— Estimating the cost of laptops, iPads, and other standard technology purchases can be made using the UMW form located at


— While funding can be used toward a subscription, PTAC Innovation Grants are intended to jumpstart projects and so would not be renewable.

— This year’s grants will need to be spent by the Fiscal Year 2014 deadlines, though work on the projects can be continued over the summer.

— Grant recipients will be asked to share their work in a public forum (possible venues include Research and Creativity Day, Faculty Academy, as a display in the ITCC,  or in an online context).

If you have questions, contact Jeff McClurken or any of the members of the council.