July 20, 2024

Renovation of Woodard and Mercer Halls to Begin on Monday

The following message is from Facilities Services: 

On Monday, March 17, our general contractor, W. M. Jordan, will begin preparation for renovation of Woodard and Mercer Halls. Mercer Hall will be completely renovated with additions on the north and south ends of the building. The second floor of Woodard Hall also will be renovated as well as the “Wash Room Area” on the first floor, and an addition will be built on the south end of the building. The Post Office and Eagles Nest in Woodard Hall will remain open during the renovation.  The elevator in Woodard will remain operational for deliveries only.

This construction activity will affect student and pedestrian traffic to and from Woodard, Mercer and Willard Halls as well as access to and from the Sunken Road parking lot and parking deck. A map of the construction site is attached. Woodard Egress & Access

In addition:

  • Campus Drive to Woodard and Mercer Halls will remain open for deliveries and construction vehicles only.
  • Pedestrian access to Woodard Hall will be permitted via the building’s entrance from Campus Walk only.
  • The brick walkway between Mercer Hall and Palmieri Plaza will be closed to pedestrian traffic.
  • The steps from the Sunken Road parking lot to the north end of Mercer Hall will be closed to all student and pedestrian traffic.
  • The steps from the Sunken Road parking lot to Campus Drive will remain open.
  • Access from the north end of Willard Hall will be routed east around the building towards Monroe Hall.

For questions or more information, contact Sidney Lambiotte, capital outlay project manager, at slambiot@umw.edu .