June 3, 2023

Positive Changes Made to UMW’s On Hold Messaging

If anyone on campus picks up a phone after a caller has been on hold, do not be surprised if the person on the other end is energized and ready to get more involved with this gem of a place we call the University of Mary Washington. As of this week, the sleep-inducing music is gone!

“While callers are waiting for assistance, we have a great opportunity to create and reinforce the UMW brand,” said University Marketing Director Malcolm Holmes. “Why not use this unique opportunity to educate them about the University and share information about the exciting things happening here?”  Callers will hear targeted on-hold messages about UMW’s history, attributes, and academic offerings. Many thanks to Malcolm and Networks and Communications Director Deborah Hovey-Boutchyard for making this happen.


About Anna Billingsley

Anna B. Billingsley, associate vice president for university relations, has worked at UMW since 2004.