February 25, 2018

Weight Watchers@Work Needs You

In the new year, consider this: You may need Weight Watchers. And Weight Watchers definitely needs you!

As one of its greatest employee benefits, UMW has offered Weight Watchers @ Work. A certified WW leader comes onto campus once a week, checks our weight, and inspires us to live healthier lifestyles. There couldn’t be a more convenient or collegial way to keep your weight in check and to stick to your resolutions. An added bonus is that the state reimburses full-time employees for part of the cost.

Weight Watchers @ Work is a win-win. However, in order for this benefit to continue, we NEED YOU! The program will be eliminated if we do not keep the numbers of attendees up. So resolve in 2018 to keep UMW from losing Weight Watchers – and you can lose weight in the process!

Alumna Named Vice President of Advancement, University Relations

Lisa Jamison Bowling has been named vice president for Advancement and University Relations at the University of Mary Washington. She replaces Torre Meringolo who retired last fall. Bowling will begin work at UMW on August 1. A 1989 graduate of Mary Washington, Bowling has served for the past seven years as assistant vice president for […]

UMW Presidential Inauguration, A Friends and Family Affair

Rural Kirksville, Missouri, may not have a Target within its city limits, but it has two universities. And the presidents of A.T. Still University and Truman State University have become close colleagues and friends. When one president left to become president of a Virginia university, the departure left a void for the other president and […]

Presenting President Paino

Request your invitation to the April 21st inauguration celebration

UMW to Install Tenth President, April 21

Troy D. Paino, who has been at the helm of the University of Mary Washington since July 2016, will be officially installed as the institution’s tenth president on Friday, April 21. The inauguration ceremony will take place at 4:15 p.m. in Dodd Auditorium, located in George Washington Hall. The event is open to the public, […]

Farewell for Melina Downs, Aug. 10

Melina Downs Makes a Move
From public relations to public school

Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Probably not, if the fifth graders are the ones in Melina Downs’ classroom at Locust Grove Elementary School!

Melina, who has worked for her alma mater eight years, will be writing lesson plans instead of press releases and posting on the blackboard instead of EagleVision screens. With a freshly minted MA in education from UMW, 2015, Melina has landed a full-time job close to home as a fifth-grade teacher at the school she attended and the school her children will be attending.

For nearly a decade, Melina has been an invaluable asset to UMW, first on the Stafford campus and, later, in Fredericksburg. Our media manager, she manages to squeeze a lot into each day, including longtime and dedicated service to the Leadership Colloquium and to the Staff Advisory Council.

Many of you all across campus have been touched by Melina’s energy and smile. Help us send her off in style. Please drop by University Relations, suite 300 in Eagle Village, after lunch on Monday, Aug. 10.  From 1 to 3 p.m, we will offer Blackstone coffee and delectable desserts.

Calling all Great Minds

You spoke and we listened! Come to a campus-wide forum on University Marketing from 3 to 4:15 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 18, in the ITCC’s Digital Auditorium.

We’ve conducted an awareness/perception study plus we’ve surveyed college-bound teenagers. We’re taking that feedback – along with ideas generated last fall by a cross section of campus representatives – and we’re translating it all into a new messaging and creative strategy that we know will grab prospective students’ attention while simultaneously increasing awareness of UMW.

WW@W Piña Colada Party, Sept. 17

Come to a piña colada party and hear about Weight Watchers @ Work. OR, come hear about Weight Watchers @ Work and enjoy a guilt-free piña colada!

That’s right – WW@W is serving up yummy frozen piña coladas, along with other tasty snacks, at our open house next Wednesday. Come out and learn more about this wonderful employment perk. Bet you had no idea – you can participate in Weight Watchers and slim down while at work. And the best part? You get reimbursed for doing so!

We’ll tell you all about it. See the flyer below. Seriously – if you have even been thinking about trying to battle that bulge, come out and learn more. Take that first step; you’ll be glad you did! This winter is supposed to be even worse than last year’s. Fretful about those housebound days when you indulge in hot chocolate and comfort food? Take action now. Weight Watchers is proven as the most effective of all weight loss strategies – it’s a way of life, not that four-letter word that begins with D. Nothing is off limits with Weight Watchers – not even umbrella drinks!

These weekly meetings are fun and engaging – plus, you get to know more of your colleagues from all parts of the University. If we don’t support our at-work meetings, they will go away.

See you at noon on September 17. Be there or be fat!

September Open House

Positive Changes Made to UMW’s On Hold Messaging

If anyone on campus picks up a phone after a caller has been on hold, do not be surprised if the person on the other end is energized and ready to get more involved with this gem of a place we call the University of Mary Washington. As of this week, the sleep-inducing music is gone!

“While callers are waiting for assistance, we have a great opportunity to create and reinforce the UMW brand,” said University Marketing Director Malcolm Holmes. “Why not use this unique opportunity to educate them about the University and share information about the exciting things happening here?”  Callers will hear targeted on-hold messages about UMW’s history, attributes, and academic offerings. Many thanks to Malcolm and Networks and Communications Director Deborah Hovey-Boutchyard for making this happen.


No More Waiting for Weight Loss

Did you know you no longer have any excuses for putting off your weight loss? Weight Watchers makes it easy! They come to campus once a week. Each Wednesday at lunch time, UMW Weight Watchers @ Work members gather to not only weigh in, but also listen to inspirational messages from a certified WW@W leader and share ideas, victories, and pitfalls with colleagues.

In case you weren’t aware, Weight Watchers has time and time again been cited as the No. 1 weight loss plan in the country. It is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle. This is what a recent news report, which rated WW tops among five popular weight-loss strategies, had to say: This 50-year-old weight-loss juggernaut tops every nutritionist’s list. Although the plan’s been tweaked in recent years, the basic concept remains. Because you count points instead of calories, the math is simple, and no food is strictly off-limits.

Join us! This is the perfect time to start shedding all those snow-induced pounds and to get ready for swimsuit season. As an added bonus, Anthem reimburses full-time employees for half the cost of the plan. See – it’s a no-brainer!

Check us out Wednesday, April 2 for an open house at 12:30 in The Link. Any questions, contact Shannon Finley at sfinley@umw.edu or (540) 654-1382(540) 654-1382.