May 31, 2023

WW@W Piña Colada Party, Sept. 17

Come to a piña colada party and hear about Weight Watchers @ Work. OR, come hear about Weight Watchers @ Work and enjoy a guilt-free piña colada!

That’s right – WW@W is serving up yummy frozen piña coladas, along with other tasty snacks, at our open house next Wednesday. Come out and learn more about this wonderful employment perk. Bet you had no idea – you can participate in Weight Watchers and slim down while at work. And the best part? You get reimbursed for doing so!

We’ll tell you all about it. See the flyer below. Seriously – if you have even been thinking about trying to battle that bulge, come out and learn more. Take that first step; you’ll be glad you did! This winter is supposed to be even worse than last year’s. Fretful about those housebound days when you indulge in hot chocolate and comfort food? Take action now. Weight Watchers is proven as the most effective of all weight loss strategies – it’s a way of life, not that four-letter word that begins with D. Nothing is off limits with Weight Watchers – not even umbrella drinks!

These weekly meetings are fun and engaging – plus, you get to know more of your colleagues from all parts of the University. If we don’t support our at-work meetings, they will go away.

See you at noon on September 17. Be there or be fat!

September Open House

About Anna Billingsley

Anna B. Billingsley, associate vice president for university relations, has worked at UMW since 2004.