June 10, 2023

Strategic Resource Allocation Update

To All UMW Faculty and Staff,

In my October 23 message regarding the University’s organizational structure, I also noted that the process of reviewing other recommendations from the Strategic Resource Allocation task force reports is ongoing and that I expected to communicate further with you within two weeks.  I am writing at this time to provide an update.

As you realize, the task force recommendations are very complex; therefore, the response to those recommendations also must be quite complex.  It is important to ensure that all appropriate communication has occurred with any department or program potentially to be impacted.  This process has occasioned a lot of back-and-forth with program directors, department chairs, and deans.  It is essential that we take the time necessary to ensure that we’ve communicated with everyone with whom we need to communicate.

Accordingly, you should not expect to receive my response to the recommendations this week.  I assure you that my response will be released in the near future and that I will keep the UMW community apprised as the process moves forward.  Thank you for understanding the importance of this endeavor to the future of the University and my desire to be appropriately deliberative in the decision-making.


Richard V. Hurley