May 22, 2024

Al-Tikriti Writes Book Chapter

Nabil Al-Tikriti, associate professor of history, recently published a chapter in an edited volume entitled “Hall Ishkal al-Afkar: An Ottoman Royal’s Shari’a Argument For Imperial Control Over Sea Ghazi Plunder.”

This segment of an edited volume originated as a chapter in Al-Tikriti’s dissertation, and was then expanded and refined for a presentation for the “La Frontiere Mediterraneenne du XVe au XVIIe Siecle: Echanges, Circulations, et Affrontements” conference in Tours in 2009. It appeared in print in 2013. It summarizes and analyzes in English an Arabic work by Sehzade Korkud (d. 1513), entitled “Hall Ishkal al-Afkar fi Hill Amwal al-Kuffar.” Also appearing in 2013 was a facsimile edition of Korkud’s entire text, along with a Turkish translation of the entire text, and a lengthy scholarly introduction of the text. This text (in the context of its 2013 publication and translation into Turkish) does appear to carry certain implications for contemporary developments in the region concerning concubinage, plunder, and “the imperial fifth.” Al-Tikriti’s chapter in this conference’s edited volume provides a brief synopsis and analysis of the text in English for those interested in understanding certain Ottoman positions in the early 16th century. The full citation of the Turkish edition is: [Sehzade Korkud, “Islam’da Ganimet ve Cariyelik: Osmanli Sistemine Iceriden Bir Elestiri,” Asim Cuneyd Koksal, ed., and Osman Guman, trans., Istanbul: ISAR, 2013].

Editors: Albrecht Fuess and Bernard Heyberge
Publication Date: 2013
Publication Name: La Frontiere Mediterraneenne du XVe au XVIIe Siecle: Echanges, Circulations, et Affrontements