January 22, 2019

Trump Calls Buzzfeed Report a “Disgrace” (CTV News Channel)

Some energy donors gave Democrats more than Republicans (WTVR; Henrico Citizen)

Richardson column: Cross-train your staff or you’ll regret it (The Free Lance-Star)

Explosion in U.S. Patrolled City in Syria (CTV News Channel)

With power in Richmond at stake, lawmakers have been stocking up on cash (Daily Press)

400 years: Will this year’s General Assembly make history? (c’ville.com)

Barr’s Confirmation Hearings (WRVA 1140)

UMW’s Bill Crawley talks about the upcoming Great Lives series. (News Talk 1230)

Local delegates playing key roles in the new effort to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (The Free Lance-Star)

Government Shutdown Longest in U.S. History (CTV News Channel)