June 10, 2023

What kind of Republican is Gov. Youngkin? Here’s what political experts had to say. (Daily Press; Yahoo News; Bristol Herald Courier)

Early Voting Could Bump Lower Primary Turnout in Critical Upcoming Election (Williamsburg Yorktown Daily)

Newly Elected Division Councilors Named for CUR’s 2023-2024 General Council (News Wise)

Rising Republican star and former NASCAR driver collide in Senate primary in Southside (Cardinal News)

Virginia Has Made It Easier To Vote (The Connections Newspapers)

Black Studies Could Lead To New Historic Landmarks, Transparency About Segregation (National Parks Traveler)

40 Insane Screenshots Of Parents Taking It Upon Themselves To Make Their Kids’ Lives Hell (Bored Panda)

Dels. March and Williams have already faced each other in court. Now they face off in a primary (Cardinal News)

Local GOP candidate for state delegate says opponent’s mailers falsely imply Youngkin’s endorsement (Prince Williams Times)

Early voting could bump primary turnout in critical upcoming election (The Virginian-Pilot; Royal Examiner; Suffolk News-Herald)