May 29, 2023

2015 SPCC Billing Cycle Dates

SPCC/Gold Cardholders and Approvers:

The 2015 SPCC/Gold card billing cycle dates and sign off deadlines are available on the Procurement Services website. Ensure that you review the dates and deadlines in order to avoid being swept.

2015 Billing Cycle Dates

Tips to Avoid Being Swept:

–        Sign off on transactions regularly

–        Notify the Program Administrator:

o   Upcoming absences or vacations that coincide with sign off deadline

o   Problems with FOAP allocation

–        Cardholders: Don’t wait until the last minute as approvers need to review your paperwork and sign off before the deadline

–        Approvers: Develop a process for yourself and your cardholder(s) to ensure that transactions are reviewed and signed off in a timely manner

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