February 22, 2024

Denhere Presents at Joint Mathematics Meetings

Melody Denhere, assistant professor of mathematics,  presented her work “Rank Estimation for the Functional Linear Model” in a session on Probability and Statistics at the Joint Mathematics Meetings which were held in San Antonio, Texas from Jan. 10 – 13. This work was a collaboration with Huybrechts Bindele from the University of South Alabama.

Earlier, Denhere also attended the 2014 Blackwell-Tapia Conference held in Los Angeles, California from Nov. 14 – 15. The conference and prize honors David Blackwell and Richard Tapia (who won the National Medal of Science in 2010), two seminal figures who inspired a generation of African-American, Native American and Latino/Latina students to pursue careers in mathematics. At the conference, Denhere presented a poster on work she carried out with her student, Victoria Moore, during the summer through the Jepson Summer Science Institute.