June 18, 2024

UMW Post Office Employee to Retire

Greg Render who you all know as the “mailman” is retiring. His last day will be Feb. 20, 2015. He appreciates everyone’s well wishes, but would prefer to sail off into the sunset without any celebrations.

Lisa Amstutz will be temporarily covering the mail route; please contact the UMW Post Office if you have any special needs during this transition period at 654-1049.

Thank you,

Amme L. Mahler
Service Delivery Manager
Copy and Mail Services


  1. Lynda Allen says

    Good luck Greg! I always appreciate your positive, friendly attitude and ready smile! You will be missed.

  2. Lori Izykowski says

    Congratulations Greg! Man, will we miss your smiling face and cheerful greetings! Best wishes in your retirement!

  3. The days will not be as bright without you, Greg, but I know you will have plenty to do at home! Congrats!