June 23, 2024

UPDATE: Anthem Email Breach Notifications


Department of Human Resource Management                                                                   

Office of Health Benefits

February 20, 2015

Anthem Email Breach Notification Required by State Law

There have been questions regarding an email Anthem has sent to plan members who opted to receive electronic communications from Anthem. Anthem had told us that they would only communicate by letter, not electronically by e-mail. Now Anthem has learned that it is required to send these emails because of state breach notification requirements.

The email is coming from “Anthem, Inc.” with a subject line of “Important Message from Anthem, Inc.” It directs members to visit www.AnthemFacts.com to sign up for credit monitoring and other protection services.

The email does not ask for personal information and will not link to any other websites except  www.AnthemFacts.com, the official website giving updates on the Anthem cyberattack. A sample email is at http://communique.agencies.virginia.gov/Various/Anthememail22015.pdf.

Please stress to members that:

  • This email is sent in addition to a letter members will receive via the U.S. Postal Service.  All members will receive the letter whether or not they got the email communication.
  • No enrollment is required to receive AllClear ID identity repair assistance.
  • Members can sign up for other services, including credit monitoring and identity theft insurance, by visiting the www.AnthemFacts.com website and clicking on https://anthem.allclearid.com/ or, if they do not have web access, by calling 877-263-7995.
  • More information about these services and instructions for enrolling may be found at www.AnthemFacts.com

This situation continues to change, sometimes daily. We apologize for any confusion.  Thank you for your patience.