May 30, 2023

Melissa Jones Named Excellent Eagle Employee for June

Staff Advisory Council is pleased to recognize Melissa Jones as the Excellent Eagle Employee for June. The award for this honor is a designated parking space for the month.

In nominating Melissa, her champion wrote:

[Melissa] is the Assistant Dean of Student Involvement and I believe she’s brought nothing but great things to our campus since she was hired. She’s brought fresh ideas and a great attitude to anyone she’s come in contact with. She has taken on the leadership of three departments since her arrival: the James Farmer Multicultural Center, the Fitness/Wellness Center and the Office of Student Activities and Engagement. She has also been bestowed with the great responsibility of running the New Student Experience/Orientation, as well as advising the Student Finance Committee, and overseeing the construction and planning of our new University Center. There are countless other responsibilities on her plate, I’m sure, but her excellence has been shining through in these particular areas. I really admire her, her work ethic, and her spark.

Congratulate Melissa when you see her, and remember to send nominations for Excellent Eagle Employee to Excellent Eagle Employee nomination.