June 15, 2024

Melissa Jones Named Excellent Eagle Employee for June

Staff Advisory Council is pleased to recognize Melissa Jones as the Excellent Eagle Employee for June. The award for this honor is a designated parking space for the month.

In nominating Melissa, her champion wrote:

[Melissa] is the Assistant Dean of Student Involvement and I believe she’s brought nothing but great things to our campus since she was hired. She’s brought fresh ideas and a great attitude to anyone she’s come in contact with. She has taken on the leadership of three departments since her arrival: the James Farmer Multicultural Center, the Fitness/Wellness Center and the Office of Student Activities and Engagement. She has also been bestowed with the great responsibility of running the New Student Experience/Orientation, as well as advising the Student Finance Committee, and overseeing the construction and planning of our new University Center. There are countless other responsibilities on her plate, I’m sure, but her excellence has been shining through in these particular areas. I really admire her, her work ethic, and her spark.

Congratulate Melissa when you see her, and remember to send nominations for Excellent Eagle Employee to Excellent Eagle Employee nomination.

Changing Office Spaces? This will help.

We all agree that it’s important for offices to know when employees change offices. Thanks to the leadership of Staff Advisory Council members, and with assistance from other members of the UMW community, we now have a form that communicates this information efficiently and effectively.

If you’re moving offices, simply fill out and submit the Office Move Information form, and information is immediately distributed to designated offices and personnel.

If you’re moving your office, don’t forget to fill out this form!

Patrick Taitt Named Excellent Eagle Employee

Staff Advisory Council congratulates Patrick Taitt, IT Analyst / Developer with Enterprise Application Services, on his selection as the Excellent Eagle Employee for April.  In nominating Patrick, Rita Dunston said, “Patrick has been an asset to this department!  The Registrar’s Office contacts him often to assist with various tasks and he completes them in a timely manner. He is very knowledgeable of the data and takes the necessary time to ensure we understand the data. I appreciate his willingness to assist the Registrar’s Office. Job Well Done!”

Reminder: To nominate someone as an Excellent Eagle Employee, send an email to EEnominations@umw.edu with “Excellent Eagle Employee” in the Subject Line.  In your email, state the person’s name, department, work location (with the most convenient parking lot), and of course, the reason why you believe they should be recognized.  Be aware of the good work being done around you, and remind others, about this wonderful opportunity to recognize our co-workers.

Willy-Nilly Chili Cook-Off plus Vendor Fair, March 4

THE Willy-Nilly Chili COOK-OFF sponsored by  Staff Advisory Council

March 4, 2015 from Noon to 2 p.m. in the UNDERGROUND @ LEE HALL


Go to https://sharepoint.umw.edu and click on the GREEN Community box then click on the yellow sticky for signing up your chili

Be a Taster/Judge, get your taste buds in shape and be there between Noon and 1 p.m. to vote for the best all-around chili.

We look forward to seeing you! There will be plenty to do with several vendors for UMW with handouts and special treats.  Vendors include The Supply Room Company, Pepsi, and Campbells Vending.

Several of our own service providers will be there to pass on information about themselves including, UMW Copies, UMW Parking, Bookstore, EagleOne, Procurement Services, and the Post Office.

Come out and join us for some social time and good chili plus get to know more about services available on our campus.

Thank You, Facilities Services

Staff Advisory Council commends the efforts of Facilities Services during the weather-related closing of the UMW Fredericksburg campus from Jan. 21 – 23, 2014. Despite severe cold weather, staff from the shops undertook the task of clearing and making safe for travel the steps, sidewalks, and roadways that connect the administrative buildings, academic buildings, and residence halls of this campus. Facilities’ efforts allowed resident students to continue making their way safely across campus.

Personnel from all shops were engaged around-the-clock in removing snow, chipping away ice accumulation, and spreading ice melt and sand by means of both manual and powered equipment. Those shops are:

Capital Outlay
Construction Services
Fleet Maintenance
General Maintenance
Landscape & Grounds

Coordinating the day-shift/night-shift work, and communicating the on-going needs for snow removal fell principally to three individuals: John Wiltenmuth, Associate VP for Facilities Services; Joni Wilson, Director of Landscape and Grounds; and Daniel Quann, Director of Maintenance. Without their efforts the snow removal work would not have been as effective, or as efficient in returning the university to active status.

On behalf of your Staff Advisory Council,

A. Leslie Johnson, Jr.
President, Staff Advisory Council