July 13, 2024

Thank You, Facilities Services

Staff Advisory Council commends the efforts of Facilities Services during the weather-related closing of the UMW Fredericksburg campus from Jan. 21 – 23, 2014. Despite severe cold weather, staff from the shops undertook the task of clearing and making safe for travel the steps, sidewalks, and roadways that connect the administrative buildings, academic buildings, and residence halls of this campus. Facilities’ efforts allowed resident students to continue making their way safely across campus.

Personnel from all shops were engaged around-the-clock in removing snow, chipping away ice accumulation, and spreading ice melt and sand by means of both manual and powered equipment. Those shops are:

Capital Outlay
Construction Services
Fleet Maintenance
General Maintenance
Landscape & Grounds

Coordinating the day-shift/night-shift work, and communicating the on-going needs for snow removal fell principally to three individuals: John Wiltenmuth, Associate VP for Facilities Services; Joni Wilson, Director of Landscape and Grounds; and Daniel Quann, Director of Maintenance. Without their efforts the snow removal work would not have been as effective, or as efficient in returning the university to active status.

On behalf of your Staff Advisory Council,

A. Leslie Johnson, Jr.
President, Staff Advisory Council


  1. Robin Jones says

    Facilities does indeed to an awesome job when responding to inclement weather, emergency situations, as well as their day to day tasks. Thanks for everything that all of you do to keep this campus going!

  2. Priscilla Sullivan says

    Hats off to our men and women in Facilities Services for an all-too-continuing job well done. Hopefully the snow and ice will back off to let our Weather Warriors get some well-deserved rest!

  3. Pauline Jenkins says

    Thank you today, and every day, to the Facilities Services staff who truly keep the campus running. Your work, often behind-the-scenes, makes UMW a better place to work and learn.

  4. Jennifer Cooper says

    Thank you Facilities – we appreciate all you do everyday but especially on our snow/sleet days!