June 16, 2024

UMW Campus Community Parking Notice: July 17

 UMW Campus Community Parking Notice

UMW will host new students for Transfer Orientation Friday July, 17th 2015. This process is very important to help our new students and their families acclimate to the University community. Your support in creating a welcoming atmosphere for these campus guests is greatly appreciated.

As part of this process, the orientation committee has outlined needed parking for orientation. This may alter where you park during these days.

In support of UMW New Student Orientation, the following parking lot reservations shall apply.

Orientation Student/Guest Parking Only for Transfer Orientation 7/17/15 7AM-8PM

GW lot

OutBound Double Drive

InBound Double Drive –General Visitor only

NOTE:  This does not include handicap parking spaces; if you are eligible, those spaces remain available.

Contact Parking Management with questions, 540-654-1129,

or via email: Robin Jones, Parking Management Supervisor rjones@umw.edu