June 10, 2023

Washington National Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Enrollment

Note from Sabrina:  Washington National is also offering a  guaranteed issue  life insurance policy for up to $50,000 and other voluntary coverage options, which include Cancer, Heart and Intensive Care policies  This issue is contingent upon the enrollment of 74 employees. All employees, full and part time, are eligible.  If you have not enrolled in the state’s optional life insurance program, think carefully about your life insurance beyond your UMW employment.  If you have  enrolled in the state’s optional life insurance program… you are encouraged to  check and compare your current premiums and coverage.  Part time employees are  eligible for this guaranteed issue.   You may contact Denise Frye at dfrye2@umw.edu, with any questions. 

The following announcement and attached flyer have been prepared by Washington National for your information. 

Washington National Insurance Company,

one of the Commonwealth of Virginia approved payroll deduction supplemental health insurance companies for over 20 years, will be introducing the offering of Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance that will be available to the University of Mary Washington Staff.

It is highly encouraged that you attend to learn about the significance of this offering.

Representatives will also review their supplemental voluntary health benefits which include Cancer, Heart, and Intensive care policies which have a unique return of premium feature and accident policies with or without short term disability.

Everyone that meets with a Washington National representative receives a free gift and a ticket for a special drawing.

When: August 10 – 14, 2015;  8 am – 5 pm

Where: GW 106

Additional Dates in Lee Hall 412

September 8,15, 21, 29 & 30

October 13,14,15