May 30, 2023

A Message to the UMW Community

To the UMW Community:

Traditions are strong at Mary Washington, and one of the most treasured is pledging to abide by the Honor Code. Among other important Mary Wash values in this Honor Code, we promise to contribute to a community of trust, one in which our peers will uphold the right of each person to be treated with dignity and respect in every aspect of life, including social media.

All UMW students have the responsibility to help create an inclusive and supportive environment. Since our campus is a tight-knit community of students, faculty, and staff, our words and actions have a great impact. We should always be aware of the weight our words carry and how they affect others.

Established several years ago as a new tradition for incoming students, Eagle Gathering will take place this Sunday. The entire UMW community is invited to this special ceremony of candlelighting that recognizes the importance of honor and respect at UMW. All who attend will celebrate our common values as instilled in the Honor Code, and we will warmly welcome the newest class of Eagles.

We hope to see you Sunday. Regardless, as we begin a new academic year, let us reflect on the unique community that we have built at UMW. We are a family of individuals who rejoice together, mourn together, and cheer our peers together. Come out to honor our newest Eagles and renew our promise to be one campus, one community.

Eagle Gathering

Sunday, August 23

8:30 p.m.

Ball Circle

We are #OneUMW.


Hannah Tibbett                                                                       Diana Inthavong

President, Student Government Association  President Fredericksburg Honor Council