July 13, 2024

Nabil Al-Tikriti Monitors Belarus Presidential Election

From Oct. 6-13, Dr. Nabil Al-Tikriti, associate professor of Middle Eastern history, served as an election monitor for the Belarus presidential election. Joining more than 30 other Americans in the U.S. delegation, Al-Tikriti worked as an OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) and STO (Short Term Observer) in the capital city, Minsk. His observation partner was a Czech national and former U.N.D.P. staff member; the team’s interpreter was a college professor of English; and the team’s driver was a cardiac surgeon. For more information on these Belarus elections, and OSCE’s support of these elections, please see:  http://www.osce.org/odihr/elections/belarus/174776.

In the course of his visit, Al-Tikriti also observed a Belarus primary school musical performance, toured the national museum, and visited several monuments, including the Lenin statue pictured here.