June 9, 2023

CVC Spotlight (Code 03661)

Our History and Mission:

The Moss Free Clinic, which opened on Nov. 2, 1993, began as a grass-roots effort to provide basic health care to people who are not eligible for government assistance, who do not have health insurance and who fall within designated federal poverty guidelines.

The Clinic is sponsored by the Fredericksburg Area Regional Health Council, Inc., an outgrowth of a committee established by the Fredericksburg Area Medical Society in Nov. 1991. The committee was created to assess the district’s primary health needs and develop a cost-effective plan to meet those needs.

The Council is a private, nonprofit, 501(c) (3) corporation, consisting of volunteer directors, which include health professionals and lay citizens, representing a wide range of occupations and interests.

As a project of the Council, the Moss Free Clinic’s mission is to:

Improve the health and wellness of low-income, uninsured people through quality healthcare delivered in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.

The Clinic puts particular emphasis on prevention and individual patient education, as well as providing early intervention, to prevent and/or treat illness and disease.