June 3, 2023

Required Training on Sexual Assault

To Members of the UMW Community,

All of us are aware of the issues of sexual assault and sexual misconduct on college and university campuses across the nation.  Last year, I appointed a UMW Task Force on Sexual Assault to study these issues and to make recommendations for how we can make improvements in addressing them here at Mary Washington.

One of the recommendations of the Task Force that I strongly support is that all faculty and staff complete on-line sexual assault and harassment training.  I am pleased to notify you that this training and education  program is now ready to launch.  The course will begin this week and will be provided through the Global Knowledge Center.  The name of the training is:  Intersections:  Preventing Discrimination and Harassment Course.  It is a two-hour course that can be stopped and restarted where you leave off, so that it does not have to be completed in a single session.

I soon will be completing the course myself, as will all members of my administration.  It is required for all UMW faculty, administrators, and staff—it is simply that important.  I ask everyone who works here at the University of Mary Washington to embrace this effort.

This course will help us to maintain a workplace free of discrimination and harassment.  Additionally it will provide faculty and staff with the tools and knowledge to recognize and report sexual misconduct and assault in accordance with US Department of Education requirements.

You will soon be receiving additional information on how to access the training module.  Thank you in advance for your support—I am confident that we all want to make a difference on our campus regarding these issues.


Richard V. Hurley