June 5, 2023

CVC Spotlight (Code 3040)


How It Works

ThirdPlace9-12TylerFrohlichThe Virginia State Employee Emergency Fund (VSEEF) has been created for Virginia State employees who are active and in need as a result of a recent unforeseen emergency (e.g., fire to one’s home, death of a loved one, or medical bills from an unexpected illness or injury not covered by insurance). The VSEEF is a recognized charity of the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC). Funds are made through short-term grants payable to companies, not individuals. To view more information about the VSEEF, visit www.cvc.virginia.gov/veaf/vseefFAQs.htm. State employees who qualify for this fund should download the online application, obtain the appropriate signatures and documentation, and submit their application through fax or mail. Once applications are received, a committee of state employees reviews the request in a confidential manner. All applicants are notified within seven business days of the status of their application.

How to Support

The Virginia State Employee Emergency Fund is made possible solely by donations
designated during the CVC campaign. In order to make a contribution to this fund,
employees can donate online or fill out a pledge card to CVC code #3040. During the CVC
campaign, online donations can be made through Employee Direct by clicking on:

How to Apply

Visit www.cvc.virginia.gov to download the application, or to view more information about
the VSEEF, click on the EMERGENCY FUND link. Completed applications should be faxed
to 804/371-7401 or mailed to VSEEF c/o CVC, 101 North 14th Street, 12th Floor, Richmond, VA
23219. The VSEEF is a program within the Virginia Employee Assistance Fund and registered
as an IRS 501 (c) 3 charity and sponsored by the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign.
VSEEF financial statements are available upon request from the Office of Consumer Affairs.