June 1, 2023

Sunken Road Lot Changes

Sunken Road Lot Changes

With the end of construction and the reopening of Woodard and Mercer Halls, there will be a change in designation for a portion of spaces in the southern end area of Sunken Road lot # 13 beginning Dec. 18, 2015. This area, which was previously open to any UMW decals, will now allow Fac/Staff parking only. The area  will be painted and posted with signage. 

As inclement weather season approaches, please be  aware of the inclement weather parking procedures, and always follow any weather-related email instructions.  

For Winter Break parking, please follow email guidance sent to each member of the campus community. 

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday! Please contact the Parking Management Office at (540) 654-1129 with any questions.